97 Days to Go!


We passed our 100-day countdown this week! Exciting and anxious all in one!

Wednesday Roger met with Werner from Terra Firma Events – newly relocated to Cape Town and keen to get involved with future BEACH Festivals.

The rest of Wednesday was taken up by Warren and Roger brainstorming and voice recording for the next few video clips, diary cams and promotion shorts. It is definitely true what they say – acting, in the form of visual or just voice recording is no way as easy as you would think it should be. ‘Act natural‘ were the words that got thrown around a lot…easier said than done!

The Marketing Director from Pam Golding Properties was able to meet Roger on Thursday for 30 minutes – a real challenge to condense all the information into a blast of excitement. The impression we got was that she was enthusiastic about both The BEACH Festival and The EXPEDITION Project.

The excitement of the week was collecting our new samples from Intelligent Marketing’s ‘I Am Green’ department. A batch of fantastic organic caps, bags and shirts, recycled water bottles, lanyards and our favourite – a ‘living gifts‘ range: tree in a bag & tree in a tube  – awesome ideas that will form part of our merchandise range.

The week finished off with South Africa’s Heritage Day and a realisation of how important this public holiday is to The EXPEDITION Project. Our environment is our real and lasting heritage!

That’s it for this week.

Until next week!

The EXPEDITION Project Team,

Cape Town, South Africa

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