55 days to go!


55 days to go until our foundation EXPEDITION 2012!


As our South Africa 21-day census operation came to a close, it stuck with us that The EXPEDITION Project has come about at such a crucial time. Why you ask?…Well for a couple of reasons:

  • What better time to do a so-called extended census evaluation for South Africa than immediately after our 2nd SA Census since democracy? This could even be seen as the environmental census of SA
  • COP17 is hitting Durban, South Africa on 25th November 2011 – whatever comes or doesn’t come from this 17th Coilliation of the Parties will affect The EXPEDITION Project in how our 2012 trip is perceived

Right, this week seriously kicked ass! Let us tell you why…

  1. We met with Shaun from Motivate Cape Town – an undoubtedly perfect match-up for collaboration in so many ways. Motivate Cape Town aims to seek out the positive and highlight what can be done rather than what can’t.
  2. Finally, we managed to catch up with Dirk from What’s Up Cape Town & Jozi – we had a quick chat before we headed off to Quirk Advertising‘s HO in Woodstock, Cape Town in order to present partnership options to a fantastic new Distell Wine brand called Place in the Sun. Between The EXPEDITION Project, Distell Wines, Quirk Advertising and Expresso Advertising, we shared some great ideas and visions and without jumping the gun, I think we all agreed that synergy was too apparent to ignore.
  3. The ShowMe brand is a series of community websites launching all over South Africa. We met with Claire from the newly launched Cape Town site to discuss how The EXPEDITION Project could use ShowMe as a launch pad for Cape Town. In addition, it was discussed that ShowMe is keen on making a big deal of our departure in Jan 2012 – therefore a sending-off party involving the who’s who of Cape Town could be lined up!
  4. Off to Plumstead in Cape Town next to meet with Bridget, the CEO of GreaterCapital Not For Profit Enterprise – a part of the GreaterGood group. GreaterGood is a network of charities, NPO and NGOs making a difference in South Africa. Partnership with them is a ‘no-brainer’ really!
  5. Right after that, we stopped in to see Arianna of Fairtrade South Africa. While we drank delicious Fairtrade coffee courtesy of ‘Bean There’ we discussed how The EXPEDITION Project could possibly be an awareness and education module of Fairtrade.
  6. Lastly, the busy week culminated with a successful meeting with CapeNature in Bridgetown, Cape Town. CapeNature is the foremost authority in the Western Cape for conservation education, biodiversity awareness and socio-economic empowerment. Apart from several stop-offs at Cape Nature reserves in 2012, we discussed 2013 being a more specific CapeNature initiated conservation project.

And if all that was enough for a great week, the final news to breathe a bit of life back into our important sports development annual BEACH Festival was the confirmation of the Telkom-affiliated cellular network 8-Ta becoming our 2011 BEACH Festival title sponsor.

Look out for more info on The 8-Ta BEACH Festival 2011!

To come this week:

  • TomTom Live Device hand-over at CTICC (Cape Town International Conference Centre)
  • SirJuice meeting to become our BEACH Festival and EXPEDITION Project liquid refreshment sponsor

So are you an AfriCAN or an AfriCANT? Ok, so we admit that was cheesy, by if you have seen the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico then you may get it!

That’s it for this week on Once Upon A Time in South Africa

Until next week!

The EXPEDITION Project Team,

Cape Town, South Africa

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