48 days to go!


48 days to go until our foundation EXPEDITION 2012!

Whoohoo – we got our new TomTom Live GPS this week! A BIG thanks to Nikki and Johan from TomTom South Africa for your support! Sniff sniff sniff… ‘I smell a great long-term partnership here’!

Can’t wait to get it installed into our new 4×4! Oh, one problem – we don’t have a 4×4 yet! Not to worry, we checked out a few this week and will continue into next week until we find the right one for 2012! Any recommendations?

On Wednesday we met up with Sir Juice (and the House of Orange – haha) as a potential liquid refreshment product sponsor for our annual BEACH Festival as well as for our annual expeditions – we will wait and see if anything comes of that. If anything at least we now have a contact in royalty! Although we were asked to wear a top hat and ‘speedo’ to the meeting, we diplomatically declined!

Next up was Julia and Triin, campaign manager and intern for the fantastic new Climate Smart Cape Town initiative, for a coffee in the Cape Town CBD. The option was discussed for The EXPEDITION Project continuing the great work Cape Town is doing once this Climate Smart campaign is over in January 2012. This time is perfect for us to continue where they left off. We also signed up and joined the Cape Town Climate Change Coalition with little hesitation. This will be a great platform to air our views and hear others air theirs. Our first meeting as part of the coalition will be on the 18th of November 2011 – a week before COP17 in Durban.

Finally, Roger had a productive meeting with the energetic Maria Vasco – we are proud of ourselves for catching her in amongst her tight schedule. Maria is one of those people that know everyone there is to know in the corporate and celebrity world of not only Cape Town but inSouth Africa. We politely asked her to drop in a good word for us in the various celebrity dinners she hosts each week.

Short and sweet this week! Catch you next time and hope you enjoyed 11/11/11 on Friday!

Until next week!

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