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Top Enviro Stuff

Top 'Off on Holiday' Energy Savers

Give your electricity use a break too!

If you are going away, it’s a great time to save energy and cut down on your energy bill.

Just follow these easy energy conservation tips:

  1. Switch off all power outlets and unplug all appliances.
  2. Switch off the water and power supply to water features and fountains in your garden.
  3. Fix leaky taps.
  4. Switch off your oven.
  5. Ask a neighbour to switch the lights on at night and then off during the day.
  6. Turn off your geyser.
  7. Before you leave, switch off your air conditioning and fans.
  8. Empty your fridge and freezer, switch them off and allow them to defrost.
  9. Make sure the backup batteries on your electric fencing are in good working order.
  10. Replace conventional outdoor lights with motion sensor lamps for security.
  11. Use your pool cover when you are away. It will help keep your pool clean.
  12. Switch off, empty or clean your fridge, when taking an extended holiday.

Source: http://www.eskom.co.za/

Latest Earth Fact

Earth is the only planet in the Solar System known to be geologically active, with Earthquakes and volcanoes forming the landscape, replenishing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and erasing impact craters from meteors.

Latest Lifestyle Tip & Idea

Don’t buy bottle water.

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