Our 10 Commitments

If you had to write ten points that define you as a person and a member of your community, what would they be?

These are ours:

1)    Diversify and expand to reach the goal of spreading our message

2)    Put actions to the solutions

3)    Work with the youth in developing their future

4)    Educate the population to improve their present

5)    Focus on the pertinent and necessary

6)    Help provide economically and financially beneficial ways to live

7)    Share the story with the world

8)    Re-invent our goals and targets as needed

9)    Be transparent in our long term visions

10)  Implement practical, relevant solutions to real problems

We're striving to adhere to our 10 commitments
throughout The EXPEDITION Project,
but also in our personal lives.

Latest Earth Fact

Despite being called Earth, only 29% of the surface is actually 'earth.' The rest of the planet's surface (71%) is made up of water.

Latest Lifestyle Tip & Idea

Carry a mug with you wherever you go for take out beverages.

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